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Yosemite Village, California, serves as the headquarters of Yosemite National Park. The village and the park are located east central California and is located within Mariposa County.

The village is not an incorporated city but is the principle community located in the Yosemite Valley. Originally, the name was spelled as "Yo Semite." A post office under that name operated from 1869 before adopting the name Yosemite about 40 years later. The community has also been known as Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Fort by the U.S. Post Office over the years.

Primarily, Yosemite Village provides services for Yosemite Park. Most employees of the park and the concession workers live at Yosemite Village. The community also serves as the headquarters for law enforcement and first responders for the park along with providing medical facilities for workers and visitors.

But Yosemite Village is not reserved for park staff and workers. Numerous restaurants, shopping centers, and convenience stores cater to visitors to Yosemite National Park. Many visitors to the park make Yosemite Village their headquarters when visiting the park. The community serves as a gateway to such attractions as the Wawona Tree, with a car tunnel through the trunk, and Yosemite Chapel with Sunday morning services each week.

The area around Yosemite Village includes well known landmarks like El Capitan and North Dome. The terrain varies from impressive rock formations to wooded high country forests. The Merced and Tuoliume rivers flow through the park creating noted waterfalls.

The elevation of Yosemite Village provides for rather extreme weather swings. Summer temperatures can reach 90 degrees in the lower elevations of the park with winter lows of dropping below zero Fahrenheit. Snow is common in the higher elevations through the winter with depths reaching five feet.

Historically, the land that is now Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Village, was dedicated for public use by Abraham Lincoln in 1864. This is the earliest example in American history of the concept of a National Park. The area developed over the years with the additions of amenities for visitors and transportation. The natural history of the area has been assisted by the efforts of naturalist John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt.

Common recreational pursuits in the area include sightseeing, photography, and hiking. The park area also offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing options.

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