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Getting to Yosemite

By Train
Whether you are traveling from other cities located around California or are coming from across the country, Amtrak train services can be of some help. Train transportation by Amtrak is available in most major cities and provides direct service or service with line changes to Yosemite National Park. Get to and from Yosemite National Park with stops made all over Yosemite Valley. Traveling by train is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get to the park from any length of distance.

By Bus
Bus service to and from Yosemite National Park is available through Amtrak and Greyhound bus companies. While Amtrak offers direct service to the park from other areas of the Valley, Greyhound makes its stop in Merced, where you will transfer to Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System to make your way into the valley. Those who are looking for affordable transportation services and do not mind making stops may opt for taking the bus system to the National Park.

By the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System
The Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System, also known as YARTS, are bus services that are offered in different California communities stretching from Merced and Yosemite. Some stops include Midpines and El Porta. These buses travel along Highway 140. During the summer months when Yosemite National Park becomes bustling with visitors, bus service is also available from the east via Highway 120 and from the west via Highway 120.

By Shuttle Bus
The Yosemite Valley Shuttle System is a free and convenient transportation service that is offered throughout the Valley. Make your way around the National Park with ease, all on a budget. There are two main shuttle systems within Yosemite Valley. They are the Yosemite Valley shuttle and the El Capitan shuttle. The Yosemite Valley shuttle offers a variety of stops all over the eastern section of the valley, including ones made at hotel accommodations, shops and other points of interest. The El Capitan shuttle makes their rounds at areas such as El Capitan, the 4 Mile trail and the visitor center for guests to pick up information packets.

By Airport
There are three commercial airports located near Yosemite that visitors may choose to fly in and out of. This includes Fresno-Yosemite International, Merced Airport, and Modesto City-County Airport. Each airport is located about 1.5 to 2 hours away from Yosemite National Park. Once at the airport, take advantage of car rentals, taxicab services, shuttles, and bus system that will take you to the park.

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